International orders

International order?

After placing your order, please proceed to transfer the specified amount to our designated banking account. The account details will be provided during checkout and will also be included in the confirmation email you receive.

Ensure that you include ONLY your order number in the transaction description. NEVER mention the products you are buying as it can lead to difficulties with the bank.

Note: We no longer accept screenshots of payments. We have to wait until the funds are in our account before processing and shipping orders.

Exciting news! We're thrilled to inform you about an important update regarding our payment procedure. Going forward, we're delighted to offer you the option of tracking for shipments to the following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. For these countries, you'll now have the choice to ensure that your order can be tracked throughout its journey.

However, if you choose: Regular mail sending (own risk), they will be dispatched without a tracking code and are undertaken at your own risk. In situations where a package is lost, damaged, or held by customs, regrettably, we won't be in a position to provide compensation or replacement items.

Please note that shipping packages outside of the Netherlands always comes with an element of risk. Although we acknowledge that this might be an inconvenience, it is of utmost importance that we convey this policy clearly to prevent any misunderstanding. In the event that customs seizes your package, it's essential to understand that we won't be able to resend the items. Unfortunately, this is a circumstance beyond our control. We want to ensure transparency and provide you with accurate expectations about the shipping process. While we do everything in our power to package and send your order securely, any action taken by customs is beyond our influence. We strongly recommend reviewing your country's regulations and restrictions before placing an order to make an informed decision. Your understanding and consideration are greatly appreciated.


Will my order be send discreetly? 

All our orders are shipped discreetly in a neutral bubble envelope or shipping box. The bank statement is also under a neutral name and therefore cannot be traced back to our website. No one can see what's in your package from the outside!

What does the law say about research chemicals?

Classic drugs are listed in the Opium Act. Therefore, it is illegal to make, buy or sell these drugs. Research chemicals fall under the Commodities Act. This means that making, buying and selling is legal according to the law. It falls under the same law as, for example, shampoo and perfume. Of course we also have to comply with certain rules within the Commodities Act. That is why you will find a clear label on all our products stating the dangers of the substances (just like with shampoo, for example: Rinse well in case of contact with the eyes). In addition, we state that our products are not intended for human consumption.

How do I know that your website is reliable?

Under our products, you will find many reviews from Space Express customers. Additionally, there is a great article written by Chemviewer, so be sure to take a look! [Link:]

Any more questions? Feel free to contact us  :)